Nantong Shunyu Packing Material Co., Ltd.

Nantong Shunyu Packing Material Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and packaging of plastic products, glass products, arts and crafts. The company has a total number of 52 people, with an annual output of 80 million plastic products and an annual sales volume of about 30 million yuan.


The company invests 10 million yuan to expand the production line. The company invests 20 million yuan. On the basis of the original building of group 28, Sanjia community, Erjia Town, Tongzhou District, two new workshops are built for the production and office of plastic covers. The total land area is about 6619.8 square meters, and the total building area is about 7895 square meters, including 2678 square meters of production building, 3162 square meters of warehouse building, and 2055 square meters of office building.

  • 2014

    Founded in 2014

  • 6619.8

    Total land area of the plant

  • 80

    million pieces

    Annual production of plastic products

  • 30

    million yuan

    Annual sales



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Heat sealing: it is a kind of blister packaging process. The paper card coated with blister oil and the blister shell are heated together with a sealing machine to form a blister packaging.

With the rapid development of China's economy, the packaging industry also develops at an average annual rate of 18%, but in the process of rapid development of China's packaging industry, a large number of high-tech complete sets of equipment still rely on imports.

The leading product of glass packaging containers, glass bottles and cans, has always been considered as the best packaging materials because of its transparency, good chemical stability, no pollution to the contents, high temperature heating, and recycling of old bottles.

Visiongain, a London based business information consulting service company, has published a 231 page report on the development prospect of materials and uses in the cosmetics packaging market in 2016-2026, which said that the scale of the international cosmetics packaging market is expected to reach US $32.4 billion this year. As the two main forms of cosmetic bottle packaging, what is the future development of plastic and glass packaging?

1, glass bottles used for cosmetics are mainly divided into: skin care products (cream, lotion), perfume, essential oil, nail polish, a few main categories of capacity, less than 200ml capacity is rarely used in cosmetics.

Nantong Shunyu Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.