Cosmetic packaging in the world of "plastic queen"-acrylic

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In recent years, the e-commerce industry has developed rapidly, and "Yan value economy" and "net red cosmetics" have become women's new consumer demand for cosmetics. With the wide spread of the aesthetic concept of "Yan value is justice" in female consumer groups, cosmetic packaging has sprung up and become one of the hottest packaging categories. Consumers at home and abroad pay more and more attention to the quality and texture of beauty products packaging. While ensuring the quality of packaging, packaging manufacturers should pay more attention to the visual impact of appearance to customers.
Acrylic cosmetic packaging has good optical properties and soft light transmission, and can maintain good light transmission and good color rendering effect even after dye coloring. And it has high surface gloss and surface hardness, as well as good printability and sprayability. In addition, it also has good processing performance, which can be thermoformed or mechanically processed, and has gradually become the main choice for replacing glass in cosmetics, widely used in various types of cosmetic packaging.