Is it feasible to reuse cosmetic packaging materials?

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Product innovation is an eternal topic, and the key to innovation should be able to fit the development and change of the market.

Recently, fillable beauty makeup began to receive the attention of the industry. As the name implies, refillable beauty makeup is a product that can be filled repeatedly. Consumers do not need to change the packaging, but only need to send bottles and the like to the store or send them to the merchant, who will refill them and return them to the consumer. Although it sounds a bit troublesome, it also has many benefits.

For consumers, the refillable beauty makeup only needs to buy the product container once, and then only need to buy the content, which saves a lot of expenses in the long run. And, fillable means that the color or variety of certain products can be matched by consumers themselves, enhancing interest and personalization. This relatively novel product at the moment can also satisfy most young consumers' pursuit of freshness.

From the perspective of merchants, the advantages of fillable beauty makeup are even more.

First, in recent years, with the economic downturn, the cosmetics industry has ushered in a frenzy of price increases. Not only the price of raw materials, but also the packaging materials are inevitable. Just the year before last, after carbomer, non-woven fabric, glycerin and silicone, the price of plastics also rose. Among them, the price of ABS (acrylonitrile-styrene-butadiene copolymer) packaging materials rose 33%, and that of PC (polycarbonate) packaging materials rose 57%! Brands complain.

The rise in the price of cosmetic packaging materials means that the cost of the brand's products will also rise, bringing about an increase in the overall price. How to enhance the competitiveness of the brand in the packaging, has become an important issue. The fillable beauty can help brands control the cost of packaging well. Compared with traditional beauty makeup, fillable beauty makeup does not need to produce more packaging as a whole, thus greatly reducing the cost of purchasing packaging materials.

Second, whether by providing online supplementary binding purchases or attracting more offline to the store, refilling services are conducive to establishing a more stable relationship between consumers and brands. Obviously, the fillable beauty improves the interaction between the brand and the consumer, allowing the brand to increase more activity traffic online and offline.

Third, fillable beauty can help brands respond to the call for sustainable development. Saving is an eternal topic, not to mention the deterioration of the ecological environment around the world in recent years, the waste of resources is sad for many people, and maintaining sustainable development has become an important responsibility of many enterprises. This year's power curtailment policy is also a manifestation of the country's advocacy of conservation, and my country has long proposed the goal of "carbon neutrality.

At a time when sustainable development has become an important national strategy, it is clear that refillable beauty can form an industry trend because it can greatly reduce the use and waste of cosmetic packaging.

For example, Glossier has introduced a fillable eyeshatch disc Monochromes, which can not only be filled repeatedly, but also be recycled, reducing environmental pollution and waste of resources to a greater extent. Xiaobian believes that this product innovation is worth learning from any makeup manufacturer.

All in all, can be filled beauty in many aspects are in line with the development trend of the times, the brand must not be ignored!